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SMW Radio Personalities

Bowtie Benn

Bowtie Benn's Reality Check - "Sometimes you must check people that are in their own "little world". You must let them see how silly some things are and how important others may be. Or some times he's just clowning on the crazies in the world... Reality Check

KeyKey Bee

 KeyKey's Bee - Relationship Do's & Dub's which talks about "Venus vs Mars" the do's and donts - shoulda, coulda, wouldn't, in the world of relationships .... it's a struggle. Talk about it with Key Key Bee....


Billsmania 300 Seconds of Sports  - Breaking news in all Sports ranging from Wimbledon, the NBA playoffs, The Super Bowl to the Masters. Bill got the low down. Heavy debate heavy discussion! 

SMW Radio Personalities

Dj O.G. - Da 88 / Crazy88Djs

The Remix King Spinning Old & New Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, House, Main Stream, & Under Ground Music in the Clubs and on the Streets.

Relishia's "Girl Talk"

Girl talk explores the many sides of being a millennial Boss Chick. We give enlightenment to the real side of everyday challenges face with creating balance amongst our personal and business worlds.A

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Billsmania's Birthday Take Over.....

Donte' and Tiffany's 5 Heartbeats to Love and Wealth

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